Counted Thread Designs
The first four designs here use a variety of techniques and some speciality threads to produce attractive samplers. Below them you will find a series of 12 traditional hardanger tiles, using ivory, antique white or white fabric.
Hardanger Tiles
There are 16 tiles in this series, in four groups of four.  Each of the groups is on one colour of hardanger fabric, either white, antique white or ivory, and uses a particular set of coloured perlé thread.  All 16 of the tiles are 14cms square.
The first four tiles are on white fabric with white cotton perlé thread. 


£ 11.40 each Pearl HC416
£ 11.40 each Beryl HC417
£ 11.40 each Peridot HC418
£ 11.40 each Ruby HC400
£ 11.40 each Topaz HC401
£ 11.40 each Jasper HC402
£ 11.40 each Coral HC403
£ 11.40 each Jade HC404
£ 11.40 each Garnet HC406
£ 11.40 each Quartz HC407
£ 11.40 each Sapphire HC408
£ 11.40 each Amethyst HC409
£ 11.40 each Diamond HC410
£ 11.40 each Agate HC411
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